For opening the saved file?

How to reproduce saved Video is explained.
Here, a player required in order to reproduce a "flv file", and the method of download of "FLV Player" are explained.

1-1# [Access]
First of all, "martijndevisser.com" is accessed.


1-2# [installer is clicked]
Next, let's click the character of "installer" of the item of "Download installer" (with optional.flv association).

If a page is reached, let's click the character of "US and Minnesota" (HTTP). A file is downloadable.

1-3# [Install]
The saved file is thawed and FLV Player is installed.
Please perform "flvplayer_setup.exe".

In "Select components to install", all check boxes are turned ON and it progresses to the next.

In "Destination Folder", it decides on the place where FLV Player is saved. Please choose a favorite place and push install.


テーマ : 感想 - ジャンル : アニメ・コミック

How to Save Video?

How to save Video of YouTube is explained.
Here, a site called "Video Downloader" from which anyone can change Video of YouTube into flv form easily is used.

1-1# [Access]
It accesses to the page of "Video Downloader".


1-2# [URL is inputted]
The address of YouTube to save is inputted into form and DOWNLOAD is pushed.

1-3# [Download]
The picture currently written to be "Download Link" is clicked and a file is saved.

At this time, ".flv" is added and saved at the last of a file name.


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